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      If you require multiple quantities of drivelines then we have the facilities to produce your needs.
      SDS can manufacturing shafts to your specification at competative prices - we produce a design
      drawing and can reproduce your product from your part number to exact specifications every time.
See below some samples of short run specialist driveshafts.






     Four sets of drivelines ready for a special transport
      application with a single custom set for a crusher.




      Four heavy duty coupler shafts to go
             into a large printing plant




      Another order of 10 shaft sets ready to be sent overseas to power special plant vehicles.  Note varying connection ends - we build to your specifications !






The shafts shown here are a sample of recent production run builds for our many valued customers - if you have a special requirement in driveline give us a call and speak directly to a driveline technician.  Drawings can be drafted for your product for inclusion in owners manuals.
               Sydney Driveline Service - established over 20 years
     our experience and expertise come built-in to every shaft!









   Heavy duty Ford race car shafts ready to be
             shipped to a race team workshop