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Driveline - more than just a tube with uni joints on the end!

 Universal joint failures and wear - Brinelling is the wearing of the universal cross journal; causes: 
                 lack of lubricant
                 Overloading or just      
                 plain old age !




 Tubing Failures:       At right:
 In this case a truck shaft had been re-tubed using ordinary water pipe which is far too brittle to be used on a driveline and extremely dangerous - luckily no one was hurt when this large shaft tube failed. The correct tubes below did what they were designed to do;  when overloaded they just fold up!
        Many driveshafts and components suffer premature failure,  sometimes the results are spectacular owing to the speed attained by an operating tail shaft.   Here are some failures of shafts that have been bought in to SDS for repair.






Slip yokes at right:
Compare the factory USA Spicer slip yoke on the left with the welded 'custom' made one on the right.  It just does not pay to go the 'cheap' option when you are talking about high horsepower vehicles.  In the end it will cost more.  The slip yoke at right failed at high speed taking the trans. output shaft with it including most of the transmission internal gears -  ouch   $$$$$$ !
This Sports Sedan puts its power to the back wheels
through a custom kevlar wrapped alloy driveshaft (pictured right)
manufactured and designed specifically for racing by SDS
at our factory at Greenacre - high performance built in!
Automotive Slip Yoke
This back
yard manufactured slip yoke met a predictable end, and took out the transmission in the process.  Picture at right and below.





What sort of universal is that?  Pictured below is a Thompson Coupling being balanced and tested for performance on Sydney Driveline's 'AXILINE' Balancer.
The Thompson Coupling,  invented and manufactured in Australia by Glen Thompson is the world's only friction -  less universal and can operate at uneven angles without inducing any vibration.  An amazing Australian invention.


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Left:  an order of 5 driveshafts sets manufactured at SDS Greenacre ready to be shipped.