Big gear requires strong driveshafts designed to perform under herculean loads day after day for years. At Sydney Driveline Service we manufacture and repair all classes of industrial driveshafts.

Experienced staff with the right solution to your requirements make sure that all our driveshafts are built strong and built to last. Our experience covers everything from commercial construction machinery through to huge mining and milling machines.

If any of your industrial equipment needs a new driveshaft, contact us today!


Marine applications for universal style driveshafts are many and varied. Most driveshafts in the marine environment are used to drive ancillary equipment such as generators, winch gear and auxiliary power.

At Sydney Driveline Service we have built everything, from tiny drive shafts for hydraulic pumps to gargantuan propeller driveshafts to power huge dredges. Our expertise in this area is based on many years experience building shafts for large commercial slipways, catering for all types of vessels. We work with your engineers to get it right first time every time!

If your vessel needs driveshaft maintenance or repairs, get in touch today!